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Achieve The Smile Transformation You Deserve With Dental Implants

Consultation Includes:

  • Oral Exam
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Consultation

Don’t Forget To Relax With Our Stress-Free Sedation Options!

Who Should Consider Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are the modern way to replace missing teeth and improve function. You may want to choose dental implants if you…

  • have dentures that are uncomfortable
  • are self-conscious about missing or damaged teeth
  • are dissatisfied with your removable partial dentures
  • do not want to have intact tooth structures removed to have a fixed bridge placed.

Teeth-In-A-Day! Benefits of “Mini-Implants”

If you are looking for a non-surgical alternative to dental implants that eliminates recovery time AND is a less expensive financial investment, mini dental implants may be the right option for you. Mini implants can be used to secure dentures or to replace one or more teeth, which usually require a series of 4-6 mini implants to be placed along your gum line.


  • Simple, non-surgical procedure eliminates the patient’s recovery period
  • The procedure can usually be completed in just one dental appointment
  • Less expensive than “regular” dental implants
  • Like regular implants, mini implants also prevent bone loss in the jaw from occurring over time

What Makes Turtle Town Dental Different?

Sedation Dentistry

If you are someone who feels nervous about the thought of a dental exam, preventive cleaning, or necessary dental treatment, Turtle Town Dental has the solution for you!  It will truly make your visit completely stress-free! Our sedation dentists will help you enter a relaxed state that will keep your mind off off your appointment, or even let you enter a state of dreaming while the dentist works on your mouth. By the end of the visit, you will be fully lucid and awake and ready to carry on with the rest of your day!

Extensive Experience

Dr. Neese and our team at Turtle Town Dental have helped over 4,000 happy patients with their family dentistry and orthodontic needs in the Fort Wayne area. Our doctors are committed to professional improvement and constantly seek new technology and continuing education in the fields of dentistry, orthodontics, and beyond. No matter what your condition may be, our doctors likely have past experience helping a similar patient.

Virtually No Wait Times

We want you to have a fantastic time during your visit to Turtle Town Dental… but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to spend all day with our Churubusco family dentist! To ensure your appointment proceeds smoothly and efficiently, our team keeps our schedule well organized and with plenty of time allotted for every patient. That means you’ll have virtually no wait time when you arrive to see your Turtle Town dentist.

Advanced Technology

The field of dentistry is constantly improving, and we work hard to make sure we’re offering you the most effective, comfortable, and safe treatments available. Whether you are interested in dentures, teeth straightening, sleep apnea care, or another treatment from our family dentist in Churubusco, you can rest assured that we use state-of-the-art tools and treatment techniques to ensure your best possible smile.

Same Day Starts

Our team always strives to address your dental and orthodontic needs in the most time-efficient way possible. That includes offering you an appointment time on the same day that you call us! After our doctor has reviewed your treatment options with you, you also have the choice to start your treatment that same day, if that is your wish. This is just another way that we work to make dental care easy for you.

Multiple Guarantees

Our team at Turtle Town Dental takes responsibility for the quality of your care, and we want you to feel respected and at ease throughout your time with us. That’s why we offer not one, but THREE guarantees from our family dentist in Churubusco…

  • Don’t Miss Work or School Guarantee
  • Reach the Doctor Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


The front desk is very friendly and greets you upon arrival, the dental hygienists are very prompt with appointment times but never leave you feeling rushed to end your appointment. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. The new updates to the office look really nice! The parking lot is so spacious now and makes entering and leaving a breeze! Wonderful experience every time I go!

-Kirsten S.
I highly recommend this dentist office. Had a bad toothache and they got me in the same day. The staff are all so nice and friendly. They make it so your in a relaxing environment. Had to have my tooth extracted and he was so good I didn’t even know it was out til he told me it was out. Awesome dentist and also his staff are awesome. Thank you!

– Dawn B.
I can’t say enough!! Wonderful experience for going to the dentist. The staff were engaging and so pleasant. Sara did my cleaning and was so gentle, and did a great job! The Dr. spent the time with me to get to know my history. Great 1st visit. I definitely can say I made the right choice when choosing a new Dentist!!

– Linda G.


210 W. Whitley Street Churubusco, IN 46723

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