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Emergency Appointments & Same-Day Consultations Available!

210 W. Whitley Street
Churubusco, IN 46723
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Emergency Appointments
& Same-Day Consultations Available!

210 W. Whitley Street
Churubusco, IN 46723

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Invisalign Teen® in Churubusco, IN

north fort wayne invisalign teenWhat if you could enjoy high school without the self-consciousness or embarrassment that comes with braces? With Invisalign Teen offered near northern Fort Wayne, you can benefit from discreet treatment that allows you to enjoy taking pictures at your homecoming dances, sporting events, and even prom with a bright, confident smile!

Invisalign Teen is similar to traditional Invisalign, but customized for the unique needs of our younger patients. With a series of clear, removable plastic aligner trays, you’ll straighten your teeth invisibly, without noticeable braces in your pictures or social situations. At Turtle Town Dental, we’re proud to offer our patients the revolutionary Invisalign Teen treatment to create lifetimes of beautiful, confident smiles.

Play Your Sports or Instruments as You Always Have

If you play an instrument or sport, you’ll simply remove your Invisalign Teen trays and perform the way you always have. With traditional metal braces, you’d be forced to deal with an adjustment period or required to buy expensive brace-ready mouth guards. Instead, Invisalign Teen gives you the flexibility to be a teenager—without restraints.

Eat the Food You Love with Invisalign Teen

Traditional metal braces place certain dietary restrictions on you for the duration of your treatment. Certain foods like whole apples, carrots, chewy candies, and cereal have to be either completely eliminated or eaten with special care to protect your appliance. Invisalign Teen utilizes removable trays, allowing you to enjoy the foods you love without risking damage to your orthodontics and extending your treatment time.

In addition to all the great benefits of Invisalign, Invisalign Teen also includes additional features to help ensure a smooth, worry-free treatment process. Keep reading to learn more!

Worry-Free Aligner Schedule

Invisalign Teen trays have a blue-dot indicator on each aligner. When you wear your aligner for 20-22 hours a day (as recommended), the blue dot will fade to clear to let you know when it’s time for the next set of aligners. At Turtle Town Dental, we know you have a busy schedule between school, chores, and extra-curricular activities. Invisalign Teen gives you one less thing to worry about during your high school days, and it makes it easy for you to prove to your parents that you’re adhering to your treatment!

Extra Aligners Included with Treatment

If your parents are worried that you might lose an aligner, they can rest easier knowing that Invisalign Teen offered near northern Fort Wayne has you covered! If you accidentally throw out an aligner with your lunch tray or leave it where the dog can get to it, you’ll have a few additional back-up aligners available at no additional cost.

Learn More About Treatment with Invisalign Teen Near Northern Fort Wayne Today!

Do you want to learn more about Invisalign Teen? To find out if you are a candidate for this state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment, take advantage of our complimentary Turtle Town Dental Orthodontic Assessment. This offer includes an exam, X-rays, and an in-depth consultation—a $275 value, for FREE! To request your appointment, click here or call 260.693.9300 today!


As one of the premier dental practices in Whitley County, Turtle Town Dental offers Invisalign Teen and award-winning dental & orthodontic care to patients throughout the Fort Wayne area and from Churubusco, Albion, Columbia City, Avilla, Kendallville, Garrett & Ligonier.

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